Siphon/filter unit

Product details

  • The filter cartridge cleans the rainwater.
  • Due to the inclination and the smooth surface structure of the sieve, any dirt filtered out is discharged into the sewer.
  • If the water level rises in the rainwater storage tank, the rainwater runs out via the inlet or the skimmer. Pollen on the water surface is literally sucked in through the skimmer openings.
  • The surplus water with the pollen is discharged into sewer.
  • The siphon works as a reliable odour trap.
  • The narrow inlet aperture acts as a rodent barrier.

Technical details

  • For installing in the tank
  • Filter can be retrofitted with 3P back-flushing device
  • For roof areas up to 150 mm2
  • 3P PF cartridge filter
  • 3P duo overflow siphon
  • Rainwater filters
  • Sieve cartridge of stainless steel with plastic coating

product price

279,00 Euro

incl. 19 % VAT / excl. shipping costs

weight 5,00 kg

Stock ausreichende Stückzahl
delivery time 3-5 Tage, ausreichende Stückzahl

Product.Nr. 08250

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